Sunday, August 11, 2013


What do you do when you have a few roma tomatoes looking ripe and beautiful on the vine?  The great thing about summer is picking freshness from the garden.  We wanted something fresh and good for lunch. There weren't enough tomatoes for a salad and we were out of lettuce.  We looked around the kitchen and found we had all the ingredients we needed for bruschetta.  

Bruschetta is an appetizer we've had a number of times at restaurants and always enjoyed.  So we did it. 

I picked some fresh basil from my herb garden.  We ended up using about twice as much as shown and could have used a little more.  We had the onions and garlic on hand.  They are both staples at our house.  We buy the garlic in bulk!  We had the balsamic vinaigrette in the pantry.  We could have made our own, but we wanted it easy.

John rolled up the basil and gave it a rough chop.  It made the kitchen smell so good.

Chopped up garlic.  

John sliced off the tops and cut the romas in half.  

We used our chopper on the tomatoes.  It gives it a good cut.  

Same with the red onions.  It doesn't take much. 

All into the bowl!

Only about half the basil.  The rest we will add later.

When it is all mixed together and looking beautiful, we throw it into the fridge to cool off.

We had leftover hoagie buns that John sliced.  

Sprinkle with olive oil.  We put it in a 350 degree oven to toast them. 

We sprinkled with a little Parmesan cheese.

Spoon on the roma goodness.

Another sprinkle of Parmesan and the  rest of the basil. 

It was so good.