Saturday, March 9, 2013

French Fries

I know what you are thinking.   Jo, I thought this blog was about eating right.  You are making french fries?  Are you crazy?

That is beside the point. 

Part of our new lifestyle is the "Most of the time" part of the blog.   I know myself well enough that if I try to ignore a craving it will take over my life.   For Oscar night I wanted chicken wings and fries.  It just sounded right.  Salty, crispy goodness.

In the old days we would buy a big old bag of the frozen fries and eat a whole batch of them all deep fried.  We have changed that up a little bit.  First of all, we use fresh potatoes.

One potato per person.  Since John and I, plus our son were all having fries, that was three potatoes.  This is easily a third of the amount of fries we'd have eaten in the past.

John peels them up real nice.

This is our nifty little fry cutter.  Makes life easier.  I must admit I love a good kitchen gadget.  If it is "As Seen On TV" it is even better!

John secures the peeled potato onto the blades.  DO NOT DO THIS WITH YOUR FINGERS!  IT IS SHARP!  (I won't tell how I know this.)

Top on and press down.

This is a good workout.  Or would be if you were doing more than three potatoes.

Perfect french fries!

Then you need to let them soak in water for at least thirty minutes.  You can't really over soak them.  This gets some of the starch out of them and makes them crispier.

We deep fried ours.  We did five blazing chicken wings and a potato's worth of fries each. 

We did this again about a week later with sweet potatoes and really liked them with some Cajun seasoning on them.  They weren't as crispy as the regular fries.  We will keep working on that.  Craving quenched.