Friday, May 2, 2014

Supreme Pizza Pasta Salad

Tonight is Craft Night at my house. It is the night where I kick the boys out, chill some wine and prepare to eat and craft with some awesome ladies. For my dish, I thought a pasta salad would be good and during lunch I had an inspiration. Supreme Pizza Pasta Salad! Then John, being the superior cook in the house, helped me make it.

First I boiled up some penne pasta. We got some fresh veggies and I asked John to help me blog my pasta salad. That is actually code for "please chop the veggies cause you are better at it than me".

First a green pepper. I joked that I didn't need to take this photo, I probably have at least ten photos of John chopping green peppers.

Some Vidalia onion. This made me a little teary. They were very strong.

Roma tomatoes. They were the cheapest but I love how meaty they are. I am ready for some real homegrown tomatoes though.

Mozzarella. (Imagine John saying that like Giada De Laurentiis "moozarellllla")


A little Italian spice.

Oops! Almost forgot the mushrooms.

Finally the dressing. This is some doctored up Olive Garden dressing. John adds garlic to give it more kick.

All mixed up and chilling in the fridge.

Better go vacuum before the ladies arrive!