Friday, June 19, 2015

Due To Illness, The Part of Chef Will Be Played By Jo.

It has been a long time without a blog.  Life gets in the way.

Since February 24th, life got crazy. John went to the hospital for a quick in and out procedure. The plan was two nights in the hospital, a week off from work and then business as usual.

Yeah, didn't quite go that way.  

It is now almost four months later. John just got out of the hospital ten days ago.  It was a scary and stressful time. Now,.John is on the mend, but still very weak physically. Anyone that knows me, knows that John is the chef of the family.  I've never been one to enjoy the process of cooking. While he was in the hospital, when I wasn't eating hospital food, I was hitting fast food or the deli at the grocery store. But it isn't the same as home cooking.

Now that John is home, I have to do the cooking. In the past if I was cooking, I either was alone in the house or had John's expert hand on my shoulder or his advice in my ear. But now he is in the living room, on the mend and I am in the kitchen.  He still gives advice, but its not the same as when he takes over and made it right. Or when I get to be in the living room and get a fully realized meal like magic.

So I am in charge. I have to do all the things that are no fun for me. I have to shop for groceries, make the meals and clean up.  I know most people do this daily, but my husband has kind of spoiled me all these years.

I need to make some high protein meals to get his muscles strong. Lots of veggies to keep him healthy. And make it all taste good.

Wish me luck!