Saturday, June 20, 2015

My First Co-op!

A few weeks back, while John was still in the hospital, my sister-in-law told me about a food co-op she'd become a part of.  She showed me pictures of fresh fruits and vegetables and I thought it looked awesome. She sent me the link to Bountiful Baskets. 

I signed up for the first time this week. It was pretty easy. The way it works is you sign up online on Monday and pay for the basket. It's clear that there are no refunds or returns, if for any reason you don't show up, they donate the leftover food. I signed up, paid my money and got my receipt. I was ready for my Saturday pick up.

The pick up is in the parking lot of a local mall. I wasn't sure where to go, but after a little driving aimlessly and the use of my iPhone compass, I found the SE corner. My sister-in-law showed up in time to join me in line.

They have rows of baskets lined up. The first time you sign up, you pay a one time basket fee. We were about twenty minutes early. It gave us a good spot in line.

It was exciting in a geeky sort of way to watch them load up the baskets.

I watched as grapes and blueberries made their way into the basket. Then celery and red potatoes. Finally the line opened up and I gave my name and got my basket number.

I filled two grocery bags full of fruits and vegetables.

My sister-in-law got a bonus pack for chips and dip and shared some avocados, peppers and a tomato. Also the fresh cilantro.  (I see some guacamole in my future!)  The rest was in my basket.  It is more than enough to get us through two weeks.

There was a little fruit I didn't recognize, so I cut it up and John and I gave it a try.

It was about the size of a plum.

It had a hard little pit.

It tasted like a cross between a peach and an apple. It wasn't fuzzy and not real sweet.

I have a lot of fresh food to try out.  But I think it is a great deal for all the fresh food you get. I will try to post my attempts!