Friday, February 15, 2013

Dinner From The Freezer

John picked all the dinners this week.  So when we got to Friday he made me pick.  I am usually an easygoing, eat what you give me sort of gal.  One thing I always like is chicken, so that is what I suggested. 

We had chicken in the freezer.  We watch for deals, buy in bulk and stock up.   It is easy to split it up and put it in a Ziploc for future use.

John set up his cookie sheet. 

He covers the cookie sheet in foil and makes two little rolls of foil to keep the baking rack elevated.  This is so the chicken gets cooked on all sides.  Makes for a tasty bird.

He spiced it up with Italian seasonings, some Lawry's and pepper.  He pulls the skin back and gets it under there too. 
He also puts the seasoning in a bowl so that he isn't polluting the seasoning with his chicken fingers.  It drives him nuts that cooking show people do this.
All ready to go in a 400 degree oven.  Already smells good.

Now time for the side dish.  I am trying out a new quinoa recipe I found online.  It is a kind of pilaf with onions, mushrooms and garlic.

See the last post on how to cook the quinoa.  Just made it with chicken broth instead of water.  Gonna see if it makes a difference over the soup base.  We used the leftover broth to moisten up our mushrooms and onions.

Added it right into the cooked quinoa.  Loving the rice cooker.  I still don't know how it magically knows the rice or quinoa is done, but it does.  We mixed them together and it smelled great.  The garlic was really in the air.

The chicken took an hour to get to incredible.  All the fat dripped off onto the easy to clean foil lining. 

And here is my beautiful 600 calorie dinner.  It was great.  John ate about three bites and said "we are making this again next week."

That is alright with me.

One tip from John.

He saves the Ziploc that he used to freeze the chicken and throws the bones in it.  Then he can seal it up and they won't stink up the garbage.