Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Breakfast


John and I love a good Sunday breakfast.  For full disclosure, the breakfast above is from a Waffle House we visited on vacation.  When cooking at home, there would be A LOT more food.  There is nothing better than sitting back and eating a big breakfast and getting your first carb induced nap before noon.  At least it was.

During the week no one in the household gets up at the same time, so breakfast is a quick and easy affair.  I usually do some instant oatmeal in the microwave or a Weight Watchers breakfast sandwich.  If it can be cooked in less than two minutes it works for me.

But on weekends I like a real breakfast.  And John has adjusted them to meet our "Eating Right Most of the Time" lifestyle we are currently rocking.

It starts with lots of fresh veggies.  Peppers, onions and mushrooms.  Isn't that a pretty plate?

John usually separates real eggs, but this was on sale this week at the store.  So we are giving it a shot.   It is just egg whites with a little yellow coloring to make it look eggy.

First he sautes the veggies in a little olive oil.

He adds a few shakes of seasoning salt and pepper.  We are going to start cutting down on the salt.  It is not good for John.  He had soy sauce the other night and retained water like a sponge for three days.

He set the veggies aside and did a little spray of olive oil in the pan.  Have I mentioned we love olive oil?

The eggs looked like a crepe going in.   John made a little circle to cover the bottom of the pan.

A sprinkling of cheese.  A lot less than our old omelets!  We have had the same bag of cheese for two weeks.  This is unprecedented!  Our dog knows the sound of cheese being opened and is always ready to get a bit and John always obliges. 

Veggies back in, a little cubed ham.  John sent me to the store for diced ham earlier in the week.  John does most of the shopping and is very specific about what he wants.  I got the store and they had Diced Ham and Cubed Ham.  John had requested Diced, but I knew that Cubed is what he really wanted.  I didn't call him to verify.  I usually will spend my entire shopping trip texting him clarifications on his list.  He loves when I send pictures to confirm.  He is lucky he is cute!

If I was being really food bloggy I would sprinkle some parsley and add a slice of fruit, but I was hungry and it was awesome.   Now this doesn't mean that I won't ever eat hash browns and waffles again.  I can already hear myself announcing, "Screw it, I'm on vacation!"  That is the whole point of eating right most of the time.