Wednesday, February 13, 2013

McDonald's Fish McBites


Nobody loves a McDonald's Filet o' Fish sandwich more than me. I always order it without the cheese because...A: Cheese belongs on a lot of things, but fish isn't one of them, and B: I know all the ones in the warmer have cheese on them, so they'll have to make a fresh one for me.  Great piece of fish with very little breading, tasty tarter sauce, and of course, that shiny steamed bun.
I started seeing the ads for McDonald's Fish McBites last week, and the sign outside my local Mickey-D's said they were coming Feb. 12-14. 
Only 3 days????
Geez, I'm gonna hafta schedule this!  Looks like Wednesday for lunch, I'll pick some up on the way home. I'm trying to eat better now, so I'll go with the snack size for $1.00.   250 calories in this box of bites (not counting tarter sauce).
Turns out, the regular price is going to be $2.49, I believe. The 3-days thing is just for the $1.00 price. So, I didn't really have to hurry...  
Oh, well. I got 'em cheap.  And they were pretty decent. I didn't count, but there were probably 10-12 of them in the snack box. Not quite as good as the fish on the fish sandwich, but better than a frozen fish stick. It's not ground up fish, but each bite is a tiny filet. That's nice. But the bites do have a little heavier breading than the filet o' fish.
Not a bad snack, but I'd rather have the fish on the sandwich than the bites.