Sunday, March 16, 2014

Restaurant Review: The Other Place

Jo has "Craft night" with friends & family once a month, and the rule is "No boys allowed". That means I have to leave the house on those Friday nights. It makes a good time for me to meet up with our son Chris for some Friday night dinner. We recently decided to try a place we'd never tried before...The Other Place in West Des Moines. Or, as it's also known...the O.P.
They were busy, with lots of TV's with games on.
We wanted pizza...and appetizers. We've actually been there twice now (I guess we like it!), so this is a compilation of our visits.
First, a look at the double-pepperoni pizza...

Both times, we were seated quickly. They have a lot of the tall tables with tall chairs (which I do not like...very hard to get comfortable, and they are never the right height to sit right!). But they also have shorter tables with chairs, and we've always gotten one.
They have a great selection of appetizers, so we tried the platter...onion rings, mozzarella sticks, breaded mushrooms, and breaded chicken tenders. Some tasty dipping sauces, too! This platter was very good and very filling. We won't be able to finish our pizza, but that's OK...we LOVE leftovers!

They also have a basket of seasoned fries. They're not heavily seasoned, and they are the perfect size that I like. And they're crinkle favorite! They arrived very hot, as a good basket of fries should.

This is the large sausage pizza. No shortage of cheese! They use a mild sausage, and I prefer a spicy sausage. That's why we chose the double pepperoni on our second visit.

The pizza is very good. Loaded with toppings. The only thing I think could be better is the crust. It seems almost like a frozen pizza crust. But, with all those great toppings, I can let an average crust slide.

Good service, and always there to refill the diet Mt. Dew. Chris and I give the Other Place 2 thumbs up. And the leftover pizza is great the next day!