Monday, April 25, 2016

GFP Day 1 - Lasagna Pizza

A couple weeks ago I made a batch of lasagna. I make my own sauce and when I make it, I make a lot. I knew I wanted to make two pans for family potluck. I also wanted one to bring to my niece who'd just had her first baby. 

In the past a batch of sauce would yield eight to ten lasagnas. But since freezer space is so limited I knew there wasn't room for a stockpile. We made the first two then put the rest of the sauce in ziplocs. 

When we went to pick up sausage for the lasagna (only Graziano's will do) we also saw pizza crusts. 

We'd never seen it before, so we bought two and threw them in the freezer. 

After making the lasagna for my niece there was a half a bag of meaty sauce left. So we thought it would make a good pizza sauce. 

First John got the dough out to rise. 

After some hours in an oiled bowl it became huge. 

Then he rolled out half of to make it thin and crispy. 

We put it on a pizza pan (with holes) after spraying the pan with non-stick spray. Then we added a thick layer of the sauce. It has tomatoes, sausage and ground beef, along with Italian spices. So it didn't need anything else.  

John likes to make sure the sauce and cheese goes to the edge. 

And the cheese. 

Finally it came out of the oven. 

It was good. Tasted like lasagna. Next time I think we'd put a little less sauce, so the crust was crispier and maybe add some ham or pepperoni to the top.   

Day one was successful.