Saturday, April 30, 2016

GFP Day 6 - Kind Of Lame But Still Official

We had a late night. (We got home after 10:30!) The puppy woke me at 5:30 A.M.  

We had shows to catch up on! The Amazing Race and Bold and the Beautiful. (John pretends he's watching to make me happy but he knows exactly how to speed though the commercials). 

So John had a work thing and a big weekend breakfast wasn't in the cards. I made eggs and toast. But I did use a freezer item!

We buy these at Costco in the big pack. They are great. 

John also used a freezer item for his breakfast!

He had a waffle! So that's two things out of the freezer. We are now going to the movies and will see if we feel like cooking dinner after. But we did make a couple inches of space.