Wednesday, April 27, 2016

GFP Day 3 - We Love Wings!

Wings are a freezer staple at our house. 

In fact we had two kinds in the freezer. The Blazin' Wings are good, not too spicy and breaded. But lately we have been frying plain wings. The skin gets crispy and it makes any sauce adhere to liven it up. 

A nice selection of plump breaded and naked wings, ready for the fryer!

And into the fryer they go. 

Watch that sizzle! 

After about fifteen to twenty minutes we have crispy wings. 

I like my wings naked most of the time. Just a little salt and pepper. John likes sauces. We got both of these at Aldi. We've experimented with homemade, but these are both great. 

I have a policy. If I can buy it as good as I can make it, I buy it!

John also saves the bags to dispose of the bones. This is a must with warm weather on its way and garbage pickup a week away. 

We like fries with our wings but didn't have any in the freezer. So we had some of our leftover Greek salad. Even better the next day. 

Three days down and not a dud yet.