Friday, July 1, 2016

On The Road - Graceland!

Today is the day! Graceland!  John went about 25 years ago, but I've never been. 

What better way to start our day than Waffle House! (I'm not angry! I couldn't tell if we got the picture.)

I had my usual, the All Star Breakfast. 
It also includes a waffle. 

John had a biscuit sandwich with bacon, egg and cheese. They also toasted the biscuit, which I've never seen. His hash browns were smothered, covered and chunked. 

Now we are fortified for Graceland!

We made it!  We got in, bought our tickets and went to the bathroom. They don't have a lot of bathrooms on the tour. 

We got our iPads and headphones for the self guided tour. John and I both got hinky ones. One of the guides had to fix mine and they had to bring John a new one. 

The bus took us over. 

We overheard this lady with an Australian accent. A guy was asking her about her vacation and asked what she did for a living. She said she was an actress. All I'm going to say is that Nicole Kidman looks way different in person!

I took a ton of pictures and won't make you look at all of them here. This is the living room with the custom 24-foot long couch. 

The kitchen was big and state of the art for its time. 

Elvis had three televisions so he could watch all the networks at the same time. Imagine if he'd had cable!

The Jungle Room was wild!

There was even carpet on the ceiling. 

Speaking of ceilings, the one in the game room was covered in fabric. Very 70's!

His trophy room was loaded with gold and platinum records. 

We paid our respects. 

After the mansion, we checked out the Lisa Marie.  

It was very spacious. 

John compared his tattoo to the original. 

We'd worked up an appetite for lunch, so we headed to Beale Street to visit a place we'd heard about. 

Dyer's is famous for its hamburgers cooked in grease. They have used the same grease for over a hundred years. It was even escorted by armed guards when they moved. 

Not buying new grease must keep prices down. 

The burger was amazing. The perfect greasy, cheesy, delicious burger. The fries were crisp and the Cokes were ice cold and the best I've ever had. 

The kitchen is open, so I had to sneak a shot. My only regret was when a waiter walked by with a plate of fried chicken. John had to pull me away. 

Outside, there were notes on the sidewalk. We said goodbye to Elvis and got ready to head to our next stop. 

We drove by the Peabody, home of the famous ducks and a location in "The Firm". 

On to Arkansas. 

I did Yelp research and found Skinny J's in Jonesboro. 

It was fun and funky. 

I got a pretty and fruity drink called a Byrdbathe. 

They had beer samples for a quarter and John got two local Arkansas brews. They turned out to be bigger than expected and he stuck with just the samples. 

I got the prime rib sandwich. It had horseradish, cheese and onions. It was delicious. 

John got the Parmesan butter chargrilled oysters. He'd always wanted to try some and loved them. 

Now after a long day of exciting sights and good food, we are relaxing.