Sunday, May 1, 2016

GFP Day 7 - Eggs Benedict

Many moons ago we did a weekend trip to Chicago. We stayed in Arlington Heights and on the last day of the trip we discovered a little cafe that advertised country ham. John loves eggs Benedict so he ordered that. Our son was eight and not open to new things. He liked eggs scrambled or fried. Things with weird sauce or funny looking eggs were not an option. 

Then our food arrived. Seeing the huge chunks of ham topped with soft eggs and hollandaise sauce intrigued him. A small bite turned into John losing half of his breakfast. 

So last night we talked about stepping up our freezer game to make up for some lame posts. John got the Easter ham leftovers out of the freezer. This is near the end of a delicious 16 pounder that has been making regular appearances. 

John put the ham slices in the oven to warm them up. 

We were going to get one of those dry packets of sauce mix but I decided we needed to be adventurous. We were making homemade. 

I started by separating eggs. 

No fancy egg separator needed! We will save the egg whites (and the one yolk I broke) for omelets this week. (Maybe I should have used an egg separator!)

Then fresh squeezed lemon. Only used half, John made a lemonade with the other half. 

Then I whisked. And whisked. 

Then I added a stick of melted butter and whisked some more. Hollandaise is a workout!!  I kept it on the stove on very low to warm it. 

It was beautiful. Until it warmed up and cooked the yolks a little. The flavor was still good but it wasn't as pretty. In the future I won't warm it up. The lemon cooks the eggs anyway. 

Meanwhile John was busy poaching. 

He boiled water with a splash of vinegar. He used a pretty shallow pan and thinks that helped make them a success. 

Six eggs almost there!

Ready to build!  First the toasted English muffins. We didn't butter them, but might next time. 

The warm ham. 

The beautiful eggs. 

My slightly lumpy sauce and a sprinkle of paprika tops it off. 

Perfect and delicious. And our son ate three with a thumb up!!

Plus, while getting the ham out of the freezer, we found dinner for tonight! More frozen leftovers!