Sunday, February 16, 2014

Best Ribs I've EVER Eaten!

Last night we went to the Memphis Barbeque Company for dinner. It is owned by a Barbeque pitmaster and "the winningest woman in barbeque".

Now we know why.  It was amazing!  First they brought fresh pork rinds to the table. They were like crispy bacon. I've never liked pork rinds but I realized last night that I wasn't eating good ones. 

Here we are so happy. Even after an hour wait. 

John had the spare ribs, turkey and brisket with fries and Mac and cheese. 

I had baby back ribs with chicken and sausage. I chose Mac and cheese and grits for my sides. I am now officially in love with grits. 

This selection made it so we got most of the meats in Pitmaster Sampler. That way we could share. It was all good. 

The ribs however were incredible. Cooked perfectly and spiced like nothing I have ever eaten. 

We bought rub to bring home. We waited an hour to get in and John said he would have waited two. It was that good. 

Great start to vacation!