Friday, February 28, 2014

Vacation! Definitely Not Eating Right!

We had a wonderful cruise and ate a lot of good food. Below is the food we remembered to take pictures of. We got so excited when it got to the table, we didn't take a photo.

We had some good stuff, some pretty good stuff and some outstanding stuff.
Warm Chocolate Melting Cake. Super fudgy and delicious. We will be making this for a potluck coming up. Cake on top and a warm, pudding/cake underneath.

New York style cheesecake with a strawberry sauce.

Stuffed mushrooms, not bad, a little underwhelming.

Not even sure what this is! Looks like some onion rings & potato chips...maybe hush puppies???

The lobster tail & garlic shrimp. To be honest, the shrimp were better than the lobster. They were awesome & garlicky! John ordered an extra one for the shrimp alone.

Souvenir drink...Tasty!

Battered shrimp & fish fillets.

Redfish. This was really good.

This is a chile rellano.  I'd never had one whole like this before. And the rice on the side was pretty good.

Chicken with a parmesean alfredo sauce.  Good stuff!

Eggs benedict for breakfast, with a side of corned beef hash.

Some beef & chicken fajitas for lunch during our excursion in Cozumel.

John opted for the steak tacos.

And the steamed grouper...really tasty!

Time for a "Boom-Boom" shot with lunch!

Jo even danced at dinner with our waiter, Zuban!

This is the fruit plate with cottage cheese. Mostly fruit...and about a teaspoon of cottage cheese!

Banana cream pie...

Salted caramel cheesecake...very tasty!

French onion soup...


We had a wonderful time and ate LOTS of great food. Now, back to reality, and TRYING to eat right, MOST of the time!