Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 41: Pizza and Chicken!

Some of you may remember Shakey's. Back in the day it was the premier pizza buffet. They had an awesome crispy crust and great flavor. My dad was addicted to Shakey's and would sometimes sneak there alone. I remember one day he was waiting in line to pay when my sister's class came in for lunch during a field trip. She asked him what he was doing there. Dad just muttered something about making sure she had enough money and scooted out disappointed.

John has been having a craving for the closest we have which is Pizza Ranch. He loves the combo of pizza and chicken. Not able to wait, he decided to make it a Pizza Ranch night.

He got the chicken ready.

Got the frozen pepperoni pizza out and added some sausage and cheese.

I was at the table chatting when John exclaimed, "Holy Schneickies!" I hustled to the oven to see what had happened. When John's sister was little, she called any bubbles on a pizza, hippopotamuses. This was the Granddaddy of Hippos!

John stabbed it a few times to settle it down.  Then we were ready for our Pizza Ranch night.

Good thing the freezer & pantry project is ending soon, because we are out of pizza, and only have 2 chicken legs left!