Friday, February 14, 2014

Road Trip Food!!

When I was a kid we took a road trip from Iowa to Utah. It was a long trip and being on the lower end of the income scale, my parents brought snacks along. It was a treat to get to eat in the car and we soon downed all the snacks brought along. 

Among the snacks that stand out in my memory were Pepsi, (which was warm) ham sandwiches and trail mix. As we cruised along in the wood paneled station wagon something magical happened. Dark magic. This combination of food caused gas. Terrible, horrible, no good gas!

This is the only picture I could find of the car. 

We are going on a road trip to New Orleans in the morning to get on a cruise ship. It will be seven people in a van, so John and I made snacks for the road. The first being, of course, trail mix.

I had peanuts left from Christmas, added sunflower seeds, raisins, sesame sticks and M&Ms. 

We got some of John's favorite cheddar, peanut butter crackers. These have been a vacation staple for us. John also made a batch of his party mix.  

Then we made breakfast burritos, here is a video of John demonstrating his rolling technique.

We have enough for two each and a couple extra if someone is extra hungry.

Soda will go in the cooler, coffee in the travel mug and we will be on the road at six. Chris and Stevie will be here holding down the fort. We are ready!!