Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 31: More Smoked Chicken!

Started off the day making a pot of chili for lunch. Recipe here

Enough left over to have for lunch all week! Gotta love that! And remember that smoked chicken we thawed out last night for quesadillas? I made sure to save back enough for some sandwiches for dinner tonight. Smoked chicken & Swiss on a French roll.

These French rolls are great if you heat them in the oven for a few minutes, just to get them crusty on the outside, and soft & chewy in the inside.

Open up the roll and add a thin layer of mayo...

I always reheat smoked meat (like this chicken) at about 50-percent power so it doesn't dry the meat out. Keeps it very moist. Stack some smoked chicken on the roll.

Add the Swiss cheese...

Dip the top of the roll in the leftover smoked chicken "juice" (awesome flavor)..

And put on top. And might as well have a cup of chili with the sandwich before we put the chili in the fridge!

John is feeling much better today. He was able to get some good rest and Cyclones won their game! He also made the chili and the sandwiches, so I am feeling better too. Can't believe it is already February and we have less than two weeks to go. Have a good weekend! Superb Owl snacks tomorrow!!!!