Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 42! The Last Day!

Today is the last day!  We made it six weeks and our last meal from the pantry/freezer was chicken vegetable soup. John threw it in the crock pot. After the 6 weeks, the only soup we have left in the freezer is one container of beef stew. Maybe tomorrow night???? Nah....we'll save it!
I make homemade chicken broth from the chicken backs cut out of whole chickens that we cut up for frying. Once I have 3 of them in the freezer, we can made broth. I throw them and a rotisserie chicken carcass into the pressure cooker, cover it with water, and cook for an hour. Remove the bones, and pick the meat off. Strain the broth and put it into the soup pot. Add the chicken meat, a bag of frozen vegetables (I like the corn,peas,beans,carrots mixture), a couple diced up potatoes, a couple more cut carrots, and a couple tablespoons of chicken base. Add water to fill up the pot and simmer for a couple hours. Leftovers freeze great, and I usually get about 3 containers to freeze. 

He also added some noodles to make it really hearty.
Just some cut up fettuccine...

I added some crackers to soak up that tasty broth.

Tomorrow we will summarize the six weeks. But first I think John is already making a list of all those meat deals he needs to pick up!