Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 35: Fish and Chips!

Cravings. That has been something that has come up over the last few weeks. At first it was fresh fruits and veggies. They are still on the list. But on Monday I drove by Long John Silvers. I was suddenly taken over by the craving for fish and chips. Now, until the last few years, I didn't eat fish. I had grown up on fish sticks. Not the kind they have now, but the old processed, who-knows-what-kind-of-fish they are, sticks.

This actually convinced me for a long time that I didn't like any fish or seafood. Thankfully I have been transformed. One day, instead of giving John the fish off of my seafood platter, I took a bite. It was great, light and flaky and not fishy at all.

Still, when I texted John my craving there was a long pause. I think he was shocked that I was requesting it. So I got home and John and Stevie were waiting to fire up the oil and fry some fish.

He put the Swai on the Miracle Thaw.

He also found a couple of cod filets in the freezer.

He made some fries, with the skins on, like I like them.

Fries down for the first fry.
My mom taught me many years ago to always cook them once, then take them out. Just before your other food is ready, add them into the oil for the second cook. This makes a crisper French Fry.

Out comes the "Fryin' Magic". This is a store brand and cheap. It also works great.
I love it because it is a very, very light breading that coats the fillet and seals it up to keep it moist. This stuff works great on chicken (for chicken strips) as well. And no need to dip the meat in an egg wash, or milk/egg, or anything.

He coated both sides of the fish and shook off the extra.

Ready for the fryer!

Off the plate and into the fryer!

Add the cod filet.

Fries in for the second round.

This was exactly what I wanted. I squeezed a little tartar sauce on the fish and enjoyed.