Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 37: Craft Night!

Tonight is Craft Night. It is the first Friday of every month when I have my family and friends over to work on a craft project and have general merriment. It evolved from a little idea to a night I look forward to every month. I decided I wanted to have a book club or yarn club. Then it became a book and yarn club. The first month there were four of us and only two had read the book. Then with the holidays coming we decided to drop the book part and make it a craft thing.

So every month we gather for food, wine and crafting. Tonight we are decorating mugs. I knew I had to  make something with items I had on hand. So after seeing Trisha Yearwood make these bars on her show, I realized I had all the ingredients.  Here is the recipe.

Now, I forgot to start taking pictures until I was already creaming things together.  So here is an action shot of the KitchenAid doing it's thing.

But it has peanut butter.

And butterscotch chips, which I stocked up on over the holidays when they were 88 cents a bag.

Once all the ingredients are in, it is very thick.

I buttered the pan. That is what I love about Trisha, she loves butter too. And Garth Brooks. The woman is my hero!

I pressed the dough into the pan.

The recipe called for 6 ounces of chips, so I put the rest on top. There is a glaze that is with the recipe that I didn't do. I don't have any powdered sugar and thought it would be too sweet that way.

Now it's all baked and ready for Craft night. I always kick John and Chris out for the night and they go somewhere to bond in mysterious man ways. But I made Chris promise that he would pay for dinner so that Dad was still playing by the rules. He agreed.

Can't wait for the crafting and wine to begin!  Also, since I told everyone that I had to make what I had on hand, they decided that was the theme. Should be a tasty night.