Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 39: A Change Of Plans

I know that I teased you with what we'd make today, but that has been delayed for tomorrow. We were sitting around and making lists for our trip. We leave on Saturday, road tripping to New Orleans and then our cruise to Mexico. This has been in the works for over a year and this was part of the reason we started the Great Pantry Project.

We left before lunch to get some things and realized that we hadn't used the Outback gift card we got for Christmas from our son. Now if you recall, that was our only eating out option. So we went for lunch.

When we go to the Outback we get the same thing every time, well, pretty much. We start with a bloomin' onion. We'd already dug in when I remembered to take a picture.

Same with the fresh garden salad with ranch dressing. So good with their croutons.

We always get the Outback special. It is an 8 ounce sirloin with one side. I have the loaded baked potato, and today, so did John. Sometimes he has the garlic mashed potatoes. I like mine medium rare, hot and pink throughout. I love the signature sear with their great spices.

The best part? When that bill came and we could pass over that gift card. We even have a few dollars left for a future meal.

Tomorrow I promise I will post what we planned for today. I"m really looking forward to it!