Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 33: Leftover, Leftovers Anew!

The other day, we had leftover chili for dinner. And after eating, we STILL had some leftover chili (which doesn't suck!). Also in the fridge, we had a little leftover taco-flavored shredded chicken from the chicken quesadillas a few days ago. Oh, what we can do with leftover leftovers!

We just made some breakfast burritos for our breakfasts for the rest of this week...recipe HERE

The tortillas gave me an about some enchiladas! I heated up the chili.

Heat up the tortillas by putting them on a plate and covering with a wet paper towel. This will keep them moist and pliable. We had a couple bigger ones left over from last week, so I'm using those plus a couple smaller ones.

Let's heat up that leftover taco chicken...

Once the chili got heated up, I used a slotted spoon to scoop out the beans, meat, tomatoes, and onions. This will be the filling for the enchiladas. The liquid part of the chili is left, and we'll pour that over the enchiladas as our sauce.

Put the meat & beans on a tortilla...

Getting ready to add the cheese. Open the bag and Stevie the corgi comes a runnin'!

Add the cheese and fold up the enchilada.

Rolled up and on the plate...

Jo is choosing to have a cheese enchilada to go with her beef & bean. I will just be having beef & bean.

Our son doesn't like beans, so he gets the leftover shredded taco chicken.

Once they're rolled up and on the plate, spoon the chili liquid (which makes an excellent enchilada sauce!) over the enchiladas.

Sprinkle with a little shredded cheese on top, and pop it in the microwave.

After about 90 seconds, we have beef enchiladas. And it's made with leftover leftovers! Be careful...the plate is HOT!

This is actually the fourth life of the smoked chicken. John smoked chicken for MeatFest back in September and put about a pound and a half in the freezer and forgot about it. First it made the quesadillas, then the smoked chicken sandwiches with Swiss and finally enchiladas. So good. Leftovers reborn!