Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 25: The Benefits of Extra Cooking

Today is a nice relaxing Sunday.  John took some things out of the freezer for lunch and dinner.  We are having roast beef (with onion & carrots) for lunch. We'll just mash some potatoes to go with it. It's already in a nice gravy.

And minestrone for dinner.  Or the other way around, not sure of the exact plan.  But suffice it to say, if you are cooking something that is freezable, double, triple or quadruple it for an easy meal on a lazy Sunday or busy week night. 

Yesterday I suggested that we make breakfast burritos. This is one of the few breakfast things I make. It started one morning when I had family visiting.  My sister ran to McDonalds to get a breakfast sandwich and after she left I kept thinking about those breakfast burritos and thought, "I have all the stuff here to make that". and did.  When John got up I made him one.  

John watched as I made it. He is a bit of a backseat chef, and was shocked by how I did it.  I told him to trust me and he loved the results.  So today we made breakfast burritos and enough for the whole week.  

To this batch we added potatoes.  It makes it very hearty and really stretches it out.  John had baked the potatoes last night while the oven was still warm from the stuffed peppers.

I added turkey sausage.

John blended the eggs with the immersion blender.  It whips them up really well and makes them very fluffy.

We got out the tortillas, cheese and the salsa.  We like the medium heat.

John put the tortillas on a plate to soften them up in the microwave.

Here is the trick, he put a wet paper towel over it.  It keeps them moist.

Eggs go in the pan.

The the salsa goes right in.  This is what shocked John the first time I made them.  But it melds with the eggs and makes for awesome flavor throughout.

When making them ahead for the week, I under cook the eggs a bit.  This keeps them from drying out when you reheat them.

Finally we added some cheese.  Our dog Stevie LOVES!!! cheese.  He knows the sound of a bag of shredded cheese opening and is at our feet instantly.  We have to drop a few shreds cause he is just that cute!

Now for the rolling.

A pile of the mixture in the middle of the tortilla.

Then roll it up.  John, in Food Network host mode, said it was just like rolling sushi.  Or, I said, like rolling a burrito?  I got a roll...OF THE EYES!

All rolled up and ready to eat.

Mine after a few bites.  So good!

And a bunch more wrapped up for easy early morning breakfast.  This should start our cold mornings great!