Monday, June 6, 2016

GFP Day 42 - Finally Fish! (And Chicken)

I have been wanting fish for a long time, and I knew there was a bag of Swai fillets in the freezer. Swai is a very tasty fish I just discovered a few years ago. I get a   2 1/2 pound bag of fillets at Aldi for about $6.00. Tasty AND inexpensive!

I know Jo hasn't been craving fish like I have, so I got a boneless chicken breast out for her. 

I wanted my fish to be crispy on the outside, and we've got some hamburger buns left over, so I'm gonna have a fish sandwich. Whisk up an egg wash..,

Dip the chicken & fish fillets in the egg wash. 

Then coat with panko bread crumbs. 

Panko breaded chicken and fish. I cut the large fish fillet in half. That means another fish sandwich for lunch tomorrow!

I check the fridge to make sure I've still got tarter sauce. Looks like I'm in business!


Almost 6 months past the "best by" date.  
Not gonna do it. Hey, I'll just make some! I have mayo and pickle relish! I'd usually use sweet pickle relish, but last time I bought it, I accidentally got dill pickle relish. But that'll work fine.

Start with about 1/4 cup  mayo...

Then I added 1-2 TBSP of the pickle relish. 

Added a little black pepper and some Old Bay seasoning to kick it up a little, and mixed it up. Tastes excellent! I'm not gonna buy tarter sauce in a jar again!

Butter toasted buns. Toasting them (buttered, then grilled like a grilled cheese sandwich) makes them taste great and much fresher. 

Fried until golden brown and looking good enough to eat. 

Add the homemade tarter sauce...

That crispy panko kept the fillet moist, and now I can't wait for lunch tomorrow so I can have the other half. So good!
Jo added a little mayo to her chicken fillet sandwich. Another great dinner from the freezer!