Tuesday, June 28, 2016

On The Road - Eating Fried Green Tomatoes With My Cousin Vinny

Today we made it to Georgia. 

After our night in Charlotte, we hit the road early. 

The visitors center had rocking chairs that John took advantage of while I went to the restroom. 


Our first stop was the square in Monticello, Georgia where the filmed My Cousin Vinny. We are standing right where Vinny and Lisa were!

Next we stopped at the Sac-O-Suds. We got what we needed and left in great haste. 

As it was lunch time, and on the way, we went to the Whistle Stop Cafe in Juliette, Georgia.  

It really was like stepping into the movie. We ordered our fried green tomatoes right away.  

They were served very hot. There was also a spicy dipping sauce. They reminded me of fried eggplant. It got better the more I ate. 

For lunch we shared a chicken dinner. The menu is odd. They only offer a fried chicken breast or tenders. No other chicken pieces. Also there was no gravy on the potatoes. They were good on their own.

The greens weren't as good as MidWood's but still tasty. The corn bread had good flavor but needed butter. Overall it was good but didn't feel homemade. 

We had to try the pecan cobbler here as well. It was different but equally good. 

The waitress took our picture and I insisted that John call me girly girl. But I didn't eat any of Frank Bennet's Barbeque. 

We hit torrential rain going into Atlanta. 

Then an accident slowed us a bit, but the other drivers let us change lanes without any problem. 

We met a friend of John's for a Braves game. It had cleared up and cooled down a bit.  

John got ID'd buying a beer. 

We got an order of Parmesan garlic fries that rocked. 

The Braves played the Indians. 

John got a dog and a beer. 

We took a selfie cause the guy behind us looked like William H. Macy. 

We left before the Braves lost to beat traffic. Now time to rest up for our big day tomorrow.