Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Leftover Challenge

As we prepare to go on a road trip, we must clean up the leftovers in the fridge. So in preparation of John's Next Food Network Star future, I challenged him to create a meal from leftovers.  And he blogged about it. I'll let him take over. 

OK, so we're leaving on vacation in a couple days, so I need to get some leftovers cleared out. But we're tired of the Mississippi pot roast we got out of the freezer and ate over the weekend. I do have some egg noodles left from the recent corned beef casserole I made...I can use those ingredients to make some beef stroganoff! I haven't made that in years. 
I dice up a little onion, a couple cloves of garlic, and a large portobello mushroom (leftover from last night's grilled steak and goat cheese stuffed grilled portobellos...yes, they were awesome! 😋)

I also diced up the leftover Mississippi pot roast. Looks like a couple roasted potato wedges in there, too. I'll throw 'em in!

Don't have quite enough egg noodles left, but I found a partial box of bow-tie pasta in the pantry. That'll work. If I play my cards right, this will make enough for dinner and there will be plenty left over to freeze for a simple meal on another day. 
Cook up the noodles. 

I sautéed the onion, garlic and mushrooms in about 3 TBSP butter for a couple minutes. Then I added a couple TBSP flour to make a roux. Cook for a couple minutes, then add some beef broth. I used about 3 cups of water with a couple TBSP of beef soup base. 

Whisk it up and heat til it thickens. Then add the pot roast. Then I mixed in about half a cup of sour cream, about a tsp of Worcestershire sauce, and a little goat cheese (we still have some left from the log we bought at Costco. It's really good stuff!) Added a little salt & pepper, too. 

Add the noodles and continue heating for a few minutes. 

Homemade beef stroganoff... Made from scratch, using leftovers, in about 25 minutes!

And yes, there's leftovers for the freezer!