Saturday, June 11, 2016

On The Road - Fat Nat's Eggs

John and I have a road trip rule. When away from home we can't eat anywhere we can eat at home.  That means no chain restaurants. This weekend we traveled to Minnesota for my nephew's graduation party. After a late night hanging with friends we woke up hungry for a big breakfast.  

So I consulted Yelp and up popped Fat Nat's Eggs.  It wasn't far and the reviews were good so we set off. 

Now Minnesota doesn't have summer, it has construction season so it took about half an hour to get there. 

It's nestled in a strip mall and the parking lot was packed, but we got a table right away.  The service was fast and our food was hot. 

I got Norm's omelette which had bacon, ham, onions, peppers and mushroom.  I added a side of hash browns. It was huge!  I didn't even eat half of it. 

John had corned beef hash. It was very basic, out of the can variety. Nothing special. But oddly enough came with a side of potatoes. These were the star of the plate. 

They were red potatoes that had been seasoned and fried. Crispy with soft centers. 

I also loved the substitution note in the menu. This is the kind of note John would have if I allowed him to have a restaurant.  

As we left a guy in a convertible asked how the pancakes were. Darn. Maybe I should have gotten pancakes. 

Overall tasty and filling breakfast at a good local joint.