Sunday, June 26, 2016

On The Road - Shawshank!

Great day yesterday!!  

We started with these delicious doughnuts. They are from a small shop. Our host ventured out and brought them home. They were light and delicious. The cruellers were exceptional. John and I agreed it was one of the best doughnuts we've ever had. 

Then it was road trip time. My second favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption. My friend DiAnne lives only a little over an hour from Ohio Reformatory at Mansfield where it was filmed. She's also a huge King fan and had been there several times before and was happy to join us. 

Her girlfriend had just recently seen the movie and was excited to come along.  

We turned a corner and John said "There it is!"  I then took a lot of pictures. Mostly recreating our favorite scenes. 

John and I showed our tats to prove we could survive in the big house. 

There are several options for tours. We opted for the self guided so we could go our own pace. They gave us each a remote control-looking playback device. Throughout the tour there were signs with numbers on them. You just typed the number in and held it to your ear to hear the info. 

But it looked like everyone was talking on the phone! Great info though. 

These are the stairs Andy and the warden walk down to discuss funds for the library. 

John and I never did engagement pictures. So we did one by this window. 

John did his best prison guard impression. He was going to bust some skulls and was happy to break a window. (It was already broken from the filming)

Alright Andy, give me the books recording my elicit activities. 

The desk is still there with the red phone. I was amazed that you could just sit down at the desk. Access was unbelievable. There were very few areas that were off limits. 

John as the warden. Me as Andy. 

"Why are you being obtuse? Is it deliberate?"

Warden looking out his window. Planning evil, no doubt. 

John, as Red, facing the parole board. Didn't look good. 

Brooks and Red's room was here, too. It was roped off or I totally would have made John get in that bed. 

The cell block was massive. And so was the rust. I'd hate to be the guys on the top floor. No elevators here. 

I got to be Andy as the prison librarian. 

Here's John getting the view the warden had behind Raquel Welch aka Miss Fussy Britches. 

They didn't let you in the yard. The new prison is right next door and their yard is quite visible. There were signs in the prison that you couldn't take pictures at certain windows since inmates could be seen. 

When we came in we saw this food stand advertising lemonade shake ups. I love shake ups and decided after walking a could of hours it would be my reward. 

But it was a LIE!!!  It was just lemonade and not very good. Imagine that! Liars at a prison! 

We went into Mansfield and had lunch at a place called Two Couzins. 


We got an order of garlic cheese bread. It was cheesy and good. 

Then we had garlic Parmesan boneless chicken wings. I prefer bone in, but they were out. They were smothered in sauce and very tasty. And VERY garlicky!

There was a carousel in Mansfield and for $1 a ride I couldn't resist. My friends joined me but John hung out to take pictures. 

After our long day, John made homemade macaroni and cheese for our hosts. Great finish to a long day. Now John doesn't have to cook for the next week.