Monday, June 27, 2016

On The Road - Dirty Dancing, Mayberry and BBQ

We left my friend's house early on Monday headed south. We had a few stops and knew it would be a long day. 

We'd stopped for coffee but wanted to watch for a unique breakfast place. We'd gotten into Virginia when I saw a sign for Biscuit World. You can't see that and not stop! I believe I may have squealed. (Which would explain why John was less responsive the rest of the day. Sorry about your ear drum baby!)

We got the shave ham biscuit sandwich. There was a cheesy, almost hollandaise sauce on it. The biscuit was light and flaky. Very good!

Our next stop was Kellerman's, aka Mountain Lake Lodge, where Dirty Dancing was filmed. On the map it doesn't look far. John even questioned how we could be five miles away and it was going to take twenty minutes to get there. It was the wiggliest road ever. I was driving so John and I were both wrecks by the time we got there. 

There was a cabin with movie pictures and a map of the filming areas. 

This is where Dr. Houseman parked and was greeted by Max Kellerman. They don't let you park there. 

So we had to walk up this hill to check it out. 

If you look closely the sign says Kellerman's. I don't know if this is always there. The day before was the end of the Dirty Dancing weekend. That's my timing. It's also why I couldn't get a Kellerman's t-shirt. The largest size was a medium and that's not happening. 

John drove down the mountain. There was a nervous few miles behind this truck loaded with hay bales. They didn't look that securely attached. 

After all my places, we finally hit a place for John. Mayberry, aka Mount Airy, NC, is Andy Griffith's hometown and is the model for Mayberry. 

John had to stop at Floyd's barbershop. He got a new t-shirt too!

We walked by this toy store and saw John's childhood tractor.

It's the one on the far left. I still have it, but it's not quite in that good of shape! 

We passed this Dollar Tree selling $1 steaks. We passed.

They were supposedly 3.5 ounce ribeyes! 

For lunch we had to stop at Aunt Bea's restaurant. There were a lot of choices. 

We went with the country style steak, Mac and cheese, collard greens and hush puppies. We also got sweet tea. All this for $7.68. Great deal. 

We've never had greens, so this was a new adventure. We'd been hesitant because we are not fans of cooked spinach. But they were a revelation. The flavor and texture were amazing. 

And for the little pieces of meat in the greens...diced Bologna!

For dinner in Charlette, NC, got the recommendation of Midwood Barbeque. 

We shared the Well-Fed combo. We didn't get the chicken. 

We talked to our waitress Laurie and she brought us all the sauces to try. 

There was quite a variety. 

A Carolina vinegar (didn't care for it), a mustard based sauce (it was OK), a ketchup based sauce (outstanding!), and a spicy ketchup based sauce (also excellent). 
As for the meats, the sausage was good, the ribs were excellent, chopped pork (which they season with the vinegar-based sauce, and served with thinly-sliced pickled white onions) was outstanding, and the brisket was decent (not as good as mine!)

For our sides we got collard greens and bbq coleslaw. We'd never heard of bbq coleslaw. The sauce is vinegar based rather than mayonnaise. The flavor was great. The cabbage was chopped up super fine.

I am hooked on collard greens! So much better than I thought they'd be. Cooked in a broth with a little heat to it, and some shredded pork thrown in for more flavor. So good! 

For dessert we got pecan cobbler. It was AMAZING!  It was lighter than pie and not super sweet. Perfect finish to a tasty day.