Monday, June 13, 2016

The Great Freezer Project Recap

We are having a steak from the freezer for dinner. 

Six weeks ago we started the project. This is what the freezer looked like. 

We ate a lot of freezer foods. 


Many pizzas. 

Manicotti and spicy sausage. 

Classic favorites like scampi. 

And open faced ham sammies. 

We also put future meals back in the freezer. 

Lots of future meals!

So, six weeks of meals later, we didn't make a lot of progress. But we have at least a week's worth of frozen meals and a lot of smoked meat that can become quick meals. 

Also, there's empty space underneath all that stuff...I swear!

We saved money and John just found a big bag of fat he meant to throw away.

About 4-pounds of fat trimmed from the briskets I smoked a few weeks ago. Just gotta remember to put them in the garbage bin on trash day. 

He's sure he has room for new meat. 

Is that the OK to buy more? Because I haven't bought any in a long time! C'mon, meat bargains!!!