Friday, May 6, 2016

GFP Day 11 & 12 - Life Happened!

Yesterday was a long day. Hence the lack of a blog post. We did eat from the freezer.  

Not too exciting. But if was in the freezer. 

Now, it's Friday. We're gonna do a double dip in the freezer. Here is the choice for lunch...

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts. I've been craving a good chicken sandwich for awhile, so I know just how I'm gonna make them. First, I'll use the "Miracle Thaw" to thaw them out. I LOVE the Miracle Thaw! From frozen to butcher block fresh in about 25 minutes. 

I like to season them up first, and today's choice is the Family Dollar store Soul Food seasoning, a nice blend of seasoned salt, paprika, garlic powder and onion powder. 

After seasoning the chicken breasts, I dust them in flour, then a dip in egg wash (a whisked egg with a little milk), and then covered with panko bread crumbs.


Egg wash


Breaded and ready to fry. 

We just started using panko bread crumbs recently and we love them. They make such a crispy, crunchy, thin coating. Fry until golden brown and chicken is done. 

Looking good!

I found the remains of a bag of crinkle cut French fries when I got the chicken out, so I made those as well. 

Plated up with a little mayo on the bun...

Excellent lunch from the freezer!

Now dinner...again, from the freezer. 

When I was getting the chicken out for lunch, I also found a container of shrimp lo mein from a local Chinese restaurant. We got an extra order when we ordered out a few months ago because we wanted to see if it was still good after being frozen and reheated. The egg rolls are from the Wal-Mart deli section. We've been eating these egg rolls for years and they're very good and inexpensive. They have pork or chicken. They used to make shrimp (our favorite) but they don't anymore. 

A quick reheat of the shrimp lo mein in a covered microwave dish as the egg rolls crisp up in the oven. 

The frozen lo mein heated up well and tasted almost as good as fresh made. 
With all this freezer space we're creating, I may have to buy some meat!