Wednesday, May 18, 2016

GFP Day 24 - Grilled Steak and Hash Browns

Decided to take a break from pizza tonight (we'll do it again tomorrow night, with a twist!), and I was craving beef, so I grabbed a couple small ribeyes out of the freezer. 

A great side dish for those steaks...crispy hash browns! That'll create even MORE freezer space!

15 minutes on the Miracle Thaw and those steaks are butcher-block fresh! I'll put them on the grill after seasoning them with Montreal Steak seasoning. 

Hash browns are great when cooked in bacon grease and a little butter. That bacon I cooked last week for the potato skins provided some flavor for the hash browns. 

Hash browns into the skillet, seasoned with salt & pepper. 

The ribeyes go on the grill to cook to medium-rare. 

Hash browns are flipped to crisp up the other side. That'll only take a couple minutes...just long enough to grab the steaks and let them rest a couple minutes. 

Grilled ribeye steak with crispy-on-the-outside hash browns...all out of the freezer!