Monday, May 16, 2016

GFP Day 22 - Pizza With Sausage

Decided we were ready for pizza again, so we got some Graziano's dough out 
of the freezer to thaw and rise. Also got a rope of Italian sausage out to thaw. 

Punch down the dough and there's enough for 4 pizza crusts. Only making one tonight, so I put the other 3 portions in small ziplocks...they keep in the fridge real well for several days, and we'll be having more pizza soon. 
Roll out the dough nice & thin (and sort of circular...hey, it's tough to do with a rolling pin instead of one of those pizza restaurant dough flattening roller machine thingys!) cover with pizza sauce (all the way to the edge, like it should be. I hate it  when they don't sauce all the way to the end!)

A layer of shredded mozzarella (all the way to the edge, like it should be. I hate it when they don't cheese all the way to the edge!) topped with raw sausage chunks (they'll cook just fine in the time the pizza is cooking). 
Onto the pizza stone in the preheated oven. 

Fresh off the pizza stone...looks done to me!

Another tasty pizza! Planning on using the rest of the dough this week for bratwurst pizza, maybe an olive oil/portobello/cheese pizza, and some other kind of pizza. Stay tuned!