Tuesday, May 17, 2016

GFP Day 23 - Bratwurst Pizza.

Still have pizza dough in the fridge, and we never get tired of pizza, so let's do it again for dinner tonight! Many, many years ago, we were introduced to bratwurst pizza by a pizza chain restaurant called Breadeax Pizza. I don't even know if they're around anymore. They probably all went out of business because we quit buying their bratwurst pizza and started making it at home! 
Got some bratwurst out of the freezer (got it at Hy-Vee when it was on sale AND gave good gas points!). I took the casing off and browned and crumbled the brat meat. 

All done!

Diced up half a Vidalia onion. 

Rolled out the pizza dough and put it on the pizza tray (instead of the stone). 

I put the crust in the 425 oven for about 5 minutes to cook it just a little. It proofed up a little on me! Shoulda put some fork holes in it. 

A layer of Dijon mustard. 

Cover that with a layer of pizza sauce (I always use Contadina). 

Now add the bratwurst, drained sauerkraut, and onions. 

For bratwurst pizza, I like to use a blend of cheddar & mozzarella (just like Breadeax did). 

Bake until it looks good enough to eat. 

That looks good enough to eat! And there's plenty left over for lunch tomorrow!