Tuesday, May 3, 2016

GFP Day 9 - Mississippi Pot Roast

We found this recipe just a few months ago when it was trending on Facebook, and we've had it twice already! Very tasty way to make pot roast in the crock pot. And I have no idea what makes it "Mississippi", except that's where the lady who came up with it lived. I get a chuck roast out of the freezer and thaw it out in the fridge a day ahead of time. Now the other ingredients...

The roast goes into the crock pot

Cover with the dry packet of au jus... 

Then cover with the packet of dry ranch dressing mix. Dry Italian dressing mix works well, too. 

Now place a stick of butter on top. This melts down, bathing the roast in goodness! Do not add any water. The butter and juices from the roast provide plenty of sauce. 

Finally, top with 4 or 5 peppericini. 

I cook on high with this "old faithful" crockpot (the oldest of our 3) because low just doesn't seem very hot. Cook for about 10 hours, until it shreds easily. Look at how the meat fell right off the bone!

Shred the beef with tongs and/or a fork and let it sit in the buttery juices for an hour before serving. 

Oh, remember that lobster Mac & cheese we pulled out of the freezer a couple days ago? We still have a little left over, so I'll heat that up, too. I originally made it back on New Year's Day with some leftover homemade lobster bisque (a family New Year's Eve tradition). Just mixed the bisque with cooked elbow macaroni and made some cheese sauce to mix in and make it cheesy.  I've found that leftover Mac & cheese needs a little milk and cheese added to it when you reheat it. 

Microwave in a covered dish for a few minutes and you've got a gooey goodness side dish. 

Mississippi pot roast with lobster Mac & cheese, plated up and ready to indulge!

Another awesome tasting meal from the freezer. And enough leftover pot roast and rich juices to fill a container and freeze for the NEXT "Great Freezer Project"!