Saturday, May 28, 2016

GFP Day 34 - Ultimate Italian Sausage

How busy our weekend is impacts how much work goes into our dinner. Today was very busy. We had an appointment at 8 am, quick breakfast out and John had to work a couple hours. Then stops at three stores and home to meet the air conditioning fix-it dude to see why it wasn't cooling. 

Then John decided that we needed to put together the smoker that's been acting as our temporary coffee table. 

According to the directions it would take fifteen minutes to assemble. More like 45 and only three or twelve curse words. 

Now it is seasoning kind of like a cast iron skillet so John can smoke meat. 

So dinner was simple. 

We warmed up some leftover manicotti. 

And out of the freezer, ultimate Italian sausage. 

We got a bunch of these different sausages when Fresh Thyme opened. It was $1.97 a pound and there were a lot of different pork and chicken sausages. 

Just went in the pan with a little olive oil.  

In no time they were beautiful. 

A little Parmesan and a quick and easy dinner. And room for some of that vegan ice cream.