Monday, May 2, 2016

GFP Day 8 - Round Steak

Time to make a dent in that beef in the freezer, along with a couple items from last week's co-op haul. Jo introduced me to this meal as it was one of her Dad's favorites when she was growing up. It's very tasty and quick to make...round steak with onions. 

I thawed out a tenderized boneless round steak, and we'll add an onion and some portabella mushrooms. 

I sliced the mushrooms and the onion pretty thick. 

Dewey doesn't realize yet that dogs can't eat onions (they're toxic to dogs). 

Let's heat up a little olive oil in the skillet on medium-high...

Add the round steak (after seasoning with salt & pepper) for a quick browning and flip it. 

It only needs a couple minutes on each side. I take the steak out of the pan and melt a pat of butter. More flavor!

Speaking of flavor, this will be the choice to season the onions & mushrooms...Montreal Steak seasoning. Love this stuff! A great mix that tastes great on lots of stuff. 

Onto the onions & 'shrooms and stir. 

When they're a little browned and caramelized, add the steak back in. 

There's a steak under all that goodness!

Plated up round steak with onions and mushrooms. Total prep time: about 4 minutes. Cook time: about 10 minutes. 

Level on the tasty meter...about a 9.9!