Monday, May 9, 2016

GFP Day 15 - Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Tonight our freezer item was more of the little Italian rolls. At Costco we can get 16 for $3. This is a great deal, but hard to eat them before they get old. They thaw in minutes and work great. 

We love fresh mozzarella and there's no contest in the taste department. We like to let it sit out on a paper towel to draw out a little of the moisture. 

We did these open face. (And made more than we needed! Leftovers for lunch!) 

First some pizza sauce. 

Next we add the fresh mozzarella. 

John pops it under the broiler to melt it up. Then he adds ham and more mozzarella. 

A few more minutes under the broiler to warm up the ham and melt that cheese.  

Good dinner tonight!