Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 22: Steak Sandwiches with Gorgonzola

A couple of sirloin fillets out of the freezer. My friend Cindy asked me the other day, "How do you thaw those out so quickly?"  Yes, I have a thawing secret...

I bought it about 20 years ago. One of those "As seen on TV" things...the "Miracle Thaw"!  And yes, I love it! And yes, it really does work! It works best for flat meat (fish fillets, any meat patties, steaks, boneless chicken breasts).

Just run very hot water on it for about 30 seconds...

Now, place the steaks on the Miracle thaw...

After about 15 minutes, heat up the Miracle thaw with water again, and flip the steaks over.  After another 10 minutes or so, they are completely thawed out. Just like the commercial used to say...Butcher-block fresh!

Let's get the side dish going. Remember those leftover baked potatoes I diced up a couple days ago? We'll have them tonight. Into a skillet with some canola oil and a small pat of butter.

I got some green peppers at the store yesterday (total grocery bill for yesterday's fresh perishables...$14.72 for peppers, potatoes, carrots, Clementine oranges, bananas, eggs). So I'll slice up a little green pepper and some onion to throw in with the potatoes.

Sprinkle with seasoned salt and some pepper.

We'll be broiling the steaks. Sprinkle with some Weber's Chicago Steak Seasoning...

Put the steaks under the broiler. Now flip the potatoes and toss in the onions & peppers.

Better get those small French rolls ready. I think we got these at Costco, and we'll be getting them again. Very good, versatile, and they freeze and thaw great.

My friend Eddie loves cheese, but not Gorgonzola. I can understand that. It is a very strong flavored cheese, very much like bleu cheese. Pungent is a good word. He got a whole bunch of cheese and Gorgonzola was included. So he gave it to me.

Steaks have been broiling for about 10 minutes. Time for a flip, then broil for about 5-10 more minutes.

Toasting up the French Rolls...

Spread some of that wonderful Gorgonzola on the rolls. It's a pretty soft and crumbly cheese (again, like bleu cheese) so it spreads easily. When we put the hot steaks on top, it will melt slightly... :)

Tators & peppers with onions are done!

Steaks are done to a nice medium.

Once again, Jo likes her steak sliced for her sandwich.

I just put the whole thing on mine, and it fits nicely. THAT is one tasty dinner!