Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day Twenty! Quinoa and Chowder!

Day Twenty!  Hard to believe it will be three weeks tomorrow that we've been on this little journey. Actually if you look in our freezer you can't tell!  But John has done some organizing and found some venison and hot dogs with chili inside.  Should make for an interesting couple of meals.

On Monday I made some quinoa.  As always, I made way too much, but it is such a great heat up and add in item, that I know we will use it up this week.

Doesn't it look like brown sugar in this bowl?

So we have quinoa and some crab corn chowder we got for free about a year ago!  We've had the quinoa in the pantry and still have a bunch left for the next three weeks.

First John put quinoa in the glass bowl and microwaved it up.

Then he added the soup.

Back in the microwave!

Out for a quick stir.

Now it is all steamy and smells great.

Into the bowl and ready to eat in about five minutes.

This is the week where a lot of our favorites and everyday staples are starting to run out.  I had my last pudding cup in my lunch, John ate the last of the deli ham yesterday. Plus the supermarket ad came out and John is dying with all the sales of his favorite stock up items.  He is going shopping for fruits and veggies tomorrow and will have to stay strong.  But at the halfway point, I think we are doing pretty well.