Friday, January 17, 2014

Day Sixteen: Cleaning Up Leftovers

Fridays are my day off.  I work four ten hour days each week so I can enjoy a three day weekend. This weekend I have a four day weekend with the holiday.  Now that you are totally jealous, I will tell you how I spent my Friday morning off.  GETTING POKED IN THE EYE! TWICE!!

I have an edema on my retina, most likely related to my diabetes.  So kids, eat right or you GET POKED IN THE EYE!  TWICE!!  EVERY MONTH!!!

Anyway, I have to wear an eye patch all day to protect it and didn't think that I felt like cooking.  John worked and didn't feel like doing any real cooking either, so we dug into the leftovers.

John found some ham and he bought some buns the other day, so he toasted both for his dinner.  He also toasted a bun for my dinner.  I love a toasted bun.  All those different textures coming together, crunchy, soft and a little buttery.  So delicious.

So John had some canned chili and his ham sandwich.

I had leftover buffalo chicken with cheese and some leftover spaghetti salad.

We will probably be a little more ambitious tomorrow . But this got us fed.