Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day Eight: Mushroom Swiss Burgers

I was a little worried when I got home tonight. I walked into an empty house and a lonely Corgi sitting by the door. I knew John was out giving his sister a ride home, so I wasn't concerned about that.  Then I walked into a kitchen with nothing bubbling on the stove and a cold oven.

I felt like a 1950's husband. Where's my dinner?!?!?!?

So I felt sorry for myself and changed my clothes. Then John got home.  I remembered after he reminded me that we were having mushroom Swiss burgers for dinner.

In minutes he was melting butter.

Adding sliced mushrooms he picked up yesterday. Sprinkle on a little Lawry's Seasoning Salt & some black pepper.

Forming three perfect patties that weighed exactly the same.  He used a scale to make sure! The 85% ground chuck was on sale at Fareway several weeks ago for $2.69 a pound. This is our favorite, with lots of flavor. And since it was over $1.00 cheaper than normal, we bought 10 packages for the freezer.

Soon the smells in the kitchen were intoxicating!

He added some Swiss from our cheese stash. (and gave me a piece so I'd quit drooling over the food)

The mushrooms were sauteed and the cheese melted.

Some wheat bread, some crunchy carrots and a few veggie straws completed an awesome meal.

It was super tasty and definitely being added to the regular menu rotation.