Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day Three: Shrimp, Grits and Shopping.

It was a busy day.  John had playoffs to watch.  I am only six episodes from finishing "Sons of Anarchy". We had leftover biscuits and gravy for breakfast and that was late in the morning, so we were waiting for dinner.

One rule that I forgot to add to my list was that if someone invited us to their house we could eat there.  As long as we were not buying a dinner, we could do it.  My sister-in-law and her husband moved a couple of months ago and are in a house where they can entertain. So they invited us over for shrimp and grits.

We had this a couple of years ago at a potluck and remember it being great.  John and I both wondered if it would be as good as it was in our memories.

It was even better.  It was down right amazing!  The grits were cheesy and the shrimp had cream and ham. It also had about twenty other things in it.  So delicious.

I ate two bowls.  So did John.

I now wish I had grits in my pantry.  This will be corrected after the Great Pantry Project concludes.

We bought a few groceries today too. All within our rules.  We spent $12.05. So we still have $17.95 to spend on any other fruits or veggies or other perishables for the week.

We got bananas, almond milk, celery, carrots and a bag of potatoes.  We are ready to go.