Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Great Pantry Project of 2014!

I can't believe it has been two and half months since our last post.  I guess we were busy.  Busy eating some unexciting things, and just plain busy.  

John has a habit of buying meat.  Anytime it is on sale it suddenly appears in our freezer.  I have joked for some time that we could live for months on what we have in the house.  So for the next six weeks we will be living on what we have in the house.  

There are few rules. 

  1. We can buy perishables. (fresh fruits, veggies, bread, milk and butter)  
  2. We can not spend more that $30 a week on those types of groceries.
  3. We can buy coffee.  I am stocked up a little, but will not go to the bad coffee for this.  I have needs.
  4. I can also buy creamer. Coffee and creamer are considered necessities.
  5. We cannot eat out unless we use the Outback gift card our son got us for Christmas.  

All other meals must come the food we have in the house.  We have quite a bit.  

This is the pantry under the stairs.

This is the shelf next to the stove.

The shelf over the freezer.

The pantry by the bathroom.

Our VERY FULL freezer.

And the canned goods cabinet.

We will post our food each day.  John will take pictures starting tomorrow and post pictures of our meals.

Welcome to the Great Pantry Project!!!