Friday, January 3, 2014

Day Two! Jo Cooks...Sorta Of.

Since it was a Friday and I was home this morning, I got to make dinner. Between binge watching "Sons of Anarchy" and helping my sister move, I needed something simple. Anyone that knows me knows that I do not have my husband's kitchen skills.  He is amazing at timing everything and going into a kitchen and turning simple items into a great meal.  

I am not.  I can cook in a functional sort of way.  I am more of a baker.  There is a science to it.  If you follow the recipe and measure things right, it comes out.  There is more creativity to cooking and I don't have John's mad skills.

So I dug through the pantry and cheese drawer and made one of my specialties, sausage, cheese and crackers.

These take me back to my childhood.  This was a special dinner and always one of my favorites.  

We had some standard fare.  Summer sausage, Colby and extra sharp cheddar to go on our Ritz crackers. We also had some hard salami and Gouda thanks to a gift basket.  Thanks Misty!!! Finally a ball of fresh mozzarella that was inching past its best by date and HAD to be eaten.

The hard salami was Italian and very tasty.

So I cut the cheese.  He he he! I made a fart joke!  But this is not very thrilling.

We ended up with a nice simple meal that even I can't screw up.  And to quote John, 'it was very Gouda".

But that may be because he didn't have to cook.