Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day Seven: Chili From the Freezer

I will start this blog post and let John finish it.  When I got up this morning I saw a container thawing on the counter, so I didn't have to wait to know what was for dinner. We were having chili!  It has been so cold and it sounded great.  When John makes chili, he makes a lot so he can freeze for an easy dinner.

Here is the recipe.

Now, since John did all the work, I will let him finish.

Hey, it's me! I went shopping today. Jo informed me we had $17.95 left in our food budget this week, and absolutely NO non-perishables allowed! Only fruits, veggies, and bread. Some good stuff on sale at Aldi this week. Avocados for 59-cents each, cheap pineapple, cantaloupe, and clementine oranges. Add a package of fresh mushrooms, bag of baby carrots, a bag of sweet yellow onions, and a loaf of honey wheat bread.

Total spent...$13.97. Under budget!

Now, about that chili. After it was thawed out, I just put it into our small crockpot to heat it up. By dinner time, it was ready and very tasty, as always. And there's enough left over for me to have it for lunch for the next couple of days.

Now, we just need to figure out what's for dinner tomorrow!