Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 26: Fried Chicken Comfort Food

Cold weather again. Need more comfort! Jo is working overtime this week, so I wanted to make sure dinner tonight was extra comforting for her. And nothing is more comforting to her than chicken. And we're kinda like Zac Brown...we like our chicken fried!

Into the freezer for some chicken legs & thighs. These are the pieces we like the most, and we buy them in bulk at Aldi. They seem to have the best chicken prices around. So I package them in little ziploc baggies in pairs.

I sprinkle some seasoning salt & pepper on the pieces, then dredge in flour.

Make sure they get completely covered.

All ready to go!

Heat up some oil in the skillet and get to frying! I do about 15 minutes on each side, and once it's good and brown all the way around, flip it again. Anytime somebody asks me "how long should I cook it?", I always say "til it looks really good and ready to eat"!

I also made some potatoes to mash. Peel them, dice them, and boil them. When they're soft & done, drain them. Add a couple tablespoons of butter and a little milk, then whip them up with a mixer. Fast and easy. I always hate it when I'm at a restaurant that serves "smashed potatoes". For some reason, that seems to be the "in" way to serve potatoes at the "in" restaurants. In my mind, "smashed potatoes" are "too lazy to make mashed" potatoes.

End of potato rant...

I mashed them up and put them in a microwave dish to re-heat when we're ready to eat.

Chicken's done!

Now, some homemade chicken gravy. I pour the oil out of the skillet into a measuring cup, leaving the crispy chicken crunchy crust parts in the skillet. These are full of flavor and seasoning! Then add about 4 tablespoons of the oil back into the skillet, and whisk it around to loosen up all the crispies.

Now, to the 4 tablespoons of oil, whisk in 4 tablespoons of flour. Stir and cook for a couple minutes. Then add milk and continue whisking over medium heat. As it thickens, add more milk until it has the consistency of gravy.

Good, thick gravy!

Pour the gravy into a bowl, and get the heated up potatoes out of the microwave. Serve it up!

Looking good! One of our favorite dinners. And very comforting after a long and cold day.