Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day Ten: Steak Sandwiches

Tonight we decided on steak sandwiches.  We had some bacon wrapped sirloins that John picked up on sale ($2.99 a pound about 2 months ago).  We also had some French rolls that we'd gotten in bulk and put in the freezer when their best by date was approaching.

John put them in individual baggies so that we could pull out as many as needed when we wanted them.  So he pulled out two of them. They weigh about 7.5 ounces each.

Some steak seasoning and, since it's too cold out to grill, a broiler pan.  John put the broiler on high and stuck them in the oven.

Then we threw together some Greek inspired salads.  We had bagged lettuce, which is way cheaper than heads of lettuce right now.  When I was pouring it into the bowls, there were big wedges.  This reminded me of John's grandparents.  They spent their twilight years in an assisted living home that had a communal dining room.  There was a salad bar and when we'd share a meal with them the line was incredibly slow.  We soon discovered that all the old people searched for those wedges.  They were fought over like plots in a gold mine.

We had cucumbers, onion, tomatoes and some Feta cheese with Greek vinaigrette.

John toasted the rolls with a little butter and some garlic salt.

John pulled the steaks out and flipped them.

When they were done, John put his on his roll whole with a side of baby carrots.

I sliced mine up.  It makes it a little more easy to eat.

The steak was perfect, medium rare with just enough spice.  John said he could eat it again tomorrow.  But I think we will figure out something else.  Good Saturday night.